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The Writing's On The Wall Recording Session - August 2006

Unlike the first CD, we thought that we had it all under control, HOWEVER, we forgot just how much hard work it was to record the "rough" vocal tracks, chart the songs, arrange the instrumentation, smooth out the harmonies, mesh the vocals with the instruments, keeping the timing as close to perfect as possible, do the sound "mixing" and "mastering", then working with the reproduction and distribution companies..... and finally stepping back and seeing that God had everything under His control.  

This CD project was a true miracle, just like the first one.  God has already used it to speak to the hearts of many and we hope it will do the same for you.

To view a larger version of each picture, just click on the thumbnail photo.

       We first setup and recorded the rough vocal tracks... then headed for Nashville.

With Zach Runquist (our Producer), the "kids" began recording the vocals..and Ashley too!

The "kids" were working hard, playing a little too, but it was all worth it!

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