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Family Photo Album

Many of you have been asking about updated pictures of our family.  We've modified this page to begin an abbreviated family album from December 2004 to present.  We hope you enjoy the pictures.

To view a larger version of each picture, just click on the thumbnail.


2007 Photos

We're looking forward to see what God has in store for us this year.  

Ashley Noel Miller

"My new Christmas dress!"

"Look deep into my eyes!"

Autumn Renee Miller

First Christmas picture.

Autumn in sister's arms.

Autumn's family picture.

Autumn & Ashley --- best friends!

2006 Photos

2006 has been a very special year for us.  A brand new miracle arrived on November 13th, at 1:20am.  Her name is Autumn Renee Miller, a beautiful daughter for Luke and Angela.  Ashley is growing fast and we're continuing to see how much the Lord has blessed us.  This has also been our busyest year so far, with two Silver Dollar City appearances, bluegrass festivals, and many churches.  We made many new friends that we will cherish for a long time.

Ashley Noel Miller

Ashley dressing warm to play outside.

And guess who's waiting for her... Great-Grandpa!

Ashley meeting her cousin for the first time.

"Now I've got someone to play with"

"Spring is soooooooo beautiful".

"I thought you said that lemons were good for me?"

"And you want me to kiss that face?"

"I love playing in MY house".

"Papa.. do you need me to hand you a hammer?"

"My first haircut".

"Mama... it's hot out here!"

"Aaaahh.... this is much cooler".

"I've got to practice hard to take Aunt Jennifer's place".


"Helping Papa blow out his candles".

"Now it's my turn on my own candles"

Autumn Renee Miller

A new addition to the family.

Big sister's first look at her little sister.

Aunt Jennifer and Autumn.

"What a Christmas present Mama!"

Angela very happy with her new Christmas "package".

"Just can't get close enough!"

2005 Photos

This year we saw the Lord bless us in so many ways.  Here are a few pictures of our family.

To view a larger version of each picture, just click on the link or thumbnail.

Ashley Noel Miller

Ashley's the apple of our eyes.

Taking over Grandpa's chair.

Ashley trying out some new "do's".

Family at Ashley's dedication to the Lord.

Pickin' blackberrys at Great Grandmas.


Not camera shy!


2004 Photos

The whole family waited intently for that very special day... then on December 3rd, 2004, God blessed us with a "wonderfully and beautifully" made Great Great Granddaugther, Great Granddaughter, Granddaughter, Niece, and Daughter!

To view a larger version of each picture, just click on the link or thumbnail.

Ashley Noel Miller

Daddy & Mama are pretty proud of their new bundle of joy!

Jennifer now has a fourth harmony part!

Ashley already getting an ear for music.

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